We train and inspire leaders in the art of breeding loyalty by creating trust and open communication with their people. We support the desire of develop creative and innovative minds by displaying strong and effective leadership.

Our passion is in delivering transformational programs that allow making a quantum leap from simply managing a team to leading it to success. 


We are an interdisciplinary team of professionals, passionate about facilitating growth and an enhanced quality of life within your company through transformational workshops. We are invested in supporting your teams to have more open, direct and sincere communication, better stress management skills, and higher trust in each other, so that your work environment can become more profitable, efficient, pleasurable and joyful.
In our work we bring neuroscience, psychotherapy and inside knowledge of the corporate setting together to facilitate lasting changes through innovative and efficient techniques for your teams and leaders. Added up, our team has 50 years of experience in the coaching and corporate industries. We are adaptable, flexible, creative, curious and in love with our work, and we are invested in supporting the vision and goals of your company.

We know you want the best for your people. We do too! 


Our vision is to provide businesses, corporations and global leaders with comprehensive and powerful solutions to today’s leading challenges, in order to create effective and profitable teams that innovate and inspire.
We dream of co-creating more harmony and well-being in the lives of people and companies. 


Essentials of Leadership Workshop

Stress Management Workshop


Dr. Coralina Chiriac

Dr. Coralina Chiriac is an European Certified Integrative Trainer, Psychotherapist and Supervisor with 10 years of experience...

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Mario Alberto

Mario Alberto is a Cornell University graduate in Strategic Business Hospitality and Human Resources Leadership and Organizational Behavior. Mario Alberto is a seasoned global leader and leisure executive, with over 20 years of experience in the world of the ultra-luxury hospitality and cruise industry business. He has operated both at the senior strategic level and in hands-on operational positions. He brings a diverse and unique set of skills that includes developing highly effective and dynamic teams that deliver superior results in operations through innovative systems and processes, as well as developing client relationships to deliver emotional connections to customers, business partners, shareholders and colleagues. Mario Alberto has travelled extensively to over 90 countries, being responsible for leading positions with iconic companies such as Disney Corporation, Cunard Liner and PONANT Luxury Exploration Vessels, among many other unique brands. With his international work experience, he brings a strong understanding of the cultures and challenges of all environments by enhancing the human factor.

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Dr. Gina Chiriac

Dr. Gina Chiriac is a psychologist, an Integrative psychotherapist, European trainer and supervisor, certified in relational integrative psychotherapy (EICP), and founder of ARPI (Romanian Association of Integrative Psychology), the first accredited integrative psychotherapy training school in Romania. As founder of ARPI she created training programs with her team and has more than 2000 graduates, integrative psychotherapists, certified by the accreditation forums in Romania, as well as in Europe. Dr Gina Chiriac is also creating training programs for coaches, counsellors and facilitators, accredited by national and European forums. These programs are created to help people develop and improve the necessary skills for the profession and to help them obtain their professional diploma in coaching. Dr. Chiriac lead groups and teams in trainings and advanced workshops on brain ... functions studies, Integrative psychotherapy, neuroscience and practicing meditation techniques. These workshops were created for helping people became aware of the opportunities in their life and show them how to change the course of their career. She works as a Coach, Counsellor and Facilitator for managers, organizing sessions with to develop people develop their leadership capabilities. Dr. Gina Chiriac teaches various psychotherapy courses, organizes workshops and conferences. Her Private Practice is both live and online, with areas of focus such as working with individuals, couples and teams, dealing with relationship issues, personal development, emotional intelligence, communication abilities awareness and conflict resolution. Over the years, she has held more than 2,500 workshops and residential camps, summer/winter classes, with more than 150,000 participants, and has accumulated more than 50,000 hours working with clients in her private practice. Her public appearances include TV appearances in which she talks about various psychotherapy topics; she is also keynote speaker at various conferences in psychology and mental health, but also at medical conferences. She is the author of Therapeutic answers for every day (2009), and of various psychology and psychotherapy scientific articles.

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Roxana Gutierrez

Mrs. Roxana Gutierrez Graduated with great honors Magna Cum Laude as a Psychopedagogoist from the University of Transylvania, Brasov, Romania.

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